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Welcome to The Cool Nerd Chronicles, a lifestyle and infotainment blog!  More on that later though.  Let’s get the formalities out of the way…

I’m Karenja (ca-rihn-ya), but folks call me Kay.  You can too if you’d like.  I’m a God-fearing young woman just making it through life the best way I know how.  I personally think I lead a pretty boring simple boring life because I’m actually an introvert, but others beg to differ.  They swear I’ve got a funny story, point of view, or quick one-liner for everything, but I don’t know about all of that.  I’ll admit I can be pretty random when I decide to speak upon some things though.  You should’ve listened to me during my radio days in college.  Yeah, a lot of random thoughts on air with that gig. Lol  Somehow that type of thinking transpired to my social media posts where friends said similar things about my random thoughts.  Again, I can’t say I’ve necessarily agreed with them on the matter, but at their behest, I’ve started this blog for such random thoughts…

My aim is to provide “infotaining” material that does at least one of the following:

  • Be relatable in what’s being shared;
  • Emphasize critical thinking and common sense (Seems like too much of either has been long lost nowadays, don’t ya think?);
  • Make you laugh (or at least chuckle) to yourself;
  • Challenge you to step outside your comfort zone and personal biases;
  • Enrich your lifestyle while digging into your inner nerd. To that effect, we’re all learning to live while living to learn till we’re called home.

If you think about it, that’s really all that being a cool nerd encompasses, right?  Long gone are the days of perceiving a nerd as someone walking around looking like Urkel or Screech.  Likewise, what “cool” looks like is constantly being redefined.  A cool nerd could be your favorite celebrity, athlete, comedian, YouTube sensation, or anyone in general for that matter.  You may be a cool nerd and don’t even realize it, but that’s okay!  It took me a while to figure out how to balance my nerdiness with some finesse and style. 😉

While I intend to share my thoughts on life, society & culture, and creativity among other things, I’m all about engaging with others in order to develop a sense of community among intellectually stimulating, funny and charismatic people who have various aspirations.  I’ve come to realize that, one way or another, these types of folks are overlooked or underappreciated for being smart and cool at the same time.

Because I enjoy positive interactions, I may ask for contributions from others (that includes you), or someone might be featured if I wish to interview folks.  Who knows?  If time permits, I’ll also have reviews, projects and personal challenges planned that you’re more than welcome to participate in as well.  With that said, don’t be shy and don’t be a stranger!

Whew!  I’m glad you made it to this point, and I hope I’ve sparked your interest in staying along for the ride!  If not, hit me up and let me know what you’d like to see featured.  I’m always available by e-mail at kay@coolnerdchronicles.com.  Don’t forget to follow me and share posts with friends if you like what’s featured!


All the Best,




Quick Facts About Me
  • I’m an INFJ;
  • I’m the youngest of six kids, and I’m the bossy baby although my older siblings pay me little to no mind;
  • Favorite colors: Purple, green and blue
  • Favorite book:  To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Favorite TV Shows:  Reruns of Martin, My Love From the Star, City Hunter, Jeopardy!, Once Upon a Time, Jane the Virgin, Little Big Shots, Family Feud, Dish Nation, W (Two Worlds);
  • I tend to be in bubbly spirits;
  • Hobbies:  Singing, dancing, writing, reading, baking from scratch, trivia, karaoke, going to concerts and sporting events, arts ‘n’ crafts;
  • I’m from the Deep South, but I moved to Maryland as a child, just to return to the Deep South for college and life shortly thereafter… only to return to the DMV (a term referring to DC/MD/VA metro area; no, Baltimore is not included in this.) for better job opportunities;
  • I never lost my country southern accent and my southern ways about me.   This, tied into the fact that I’m pretty… eh… quirky (read: a nerd), has more or less caused many an adventure (or misadventure) while living and working in the DC area.



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