10 Achievable Goals (for People Who Hate Making Plans)

10 Achievable Goals (for People Who Hate Making Plans)

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Happy New Year!


Let me tell you:  I’m not a fan of making plans.  I like to pencil something in just to be prepared to erase it should something else come up (yet, secretly, I pine for canceled plans).  My late mother, on the other hand, lived by the saying, “Fail to plan; plan to fail“; and, under her house, it was, of course, her rules, but plans sometimes take away from the spice of life, don’tcha think?  I’m nobody’s daredevil or Miss Spontaneity, but if I have to “plan”, per se, I prefer stating something in general and worrying about the minute details as I go along.

Enter: New Year’s resolutions.  Resolution(s). Ugh, I despise that word!  It always seems like nothing is ever resolved by the end of the year, and folks wind up disappointed within the first two to three weeks of making them.  Plus, I feel like there’s typically never much wiggle room with resolutions. It’s kind of do-or-die with them.

Obviously, resolutions and plans are synonymous in my eyes. I dislike hurting my brain to try to come up with them, let alone maintain them to a T, so let’s consider goals. General in aspect, these are targets, or aims, to which we direct our efforts.  What I like about goals is the fact that there’s flexibility in how you go about achieving them, and they’re, more often than not, attainable without feeling like a failure (unlike resolutions).

I believe in setting several types of goals without getting too specific until I’ve released them from my thoughts.  The idea is to at least get what’s on your mind onto paper so it comes to fruition.  (Speaking of this concept, I read this book in about three hours one Saturday at Barnes & Noble last year, and I purchased it from Amazon for the low.  You should really check it out.)  There’s truth in writing thoughts out and putting them out into the universe.  There’s affirmation to be declared in the present and productivity to be had in the future.

If you hate making plans, yet you don’t want to go through the year aimlessly, or you’re like me and prefer to “plan” something in the here-and-now (e.g., creating goals on the fourth day of the new year instead of three months ahead of time in the prior year),  consider setting the following types of  achievable goals:

  1. Enriching/Educational–  These are goals to help you progress in life, in or outside of a classroom.  Perhaps traveling to another part of the world may put your life in perspective.  Maybe you have a few more credit hours to complete before you earn your degree.  Whatever the case may be, take the initiative to learn something new, reflect upon yourself, and become a better person who contributes something major to society.
  2. Spiritual–  I don’t know about you, but 2016 was hell for me, and if the trials I experienced weren’t enough, just seeing so much evil running rampant (and the many deaths of celebrities from my childhood) gave me enough reason to cry out to the Lord.  Perhaps 2017 is a year of restoration for you, especially in the Faith Department.  There’s no time like right now to get your (spiritual) house in order because the way things are going in this world…?  Chyyyyllllle…!
  3. Relational/Social–  Are there some relationships that need mending?  Maybe you’re looking to be boo’d up, or are you and your bae trying to set your own #relationshipgoals? Don’t look to social media and your smartphones to initiate or improve relations.  We all could stand to break away from all this technology and seriously foster positive interactions with one another.  Try attending a MeetUp for starters.
  4. Financial–  Want to improve your financial situation?  Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to seek a raise or new employment to improve your situation, and you can live well within your means instead of living from paycheck to paycheck.  Set a goal to start small in saving, tithe or give more, pay yourself before the creditors, and purchase things within reason.
  5. Artistic–  I’m convinced we’re almost sucked dry of many of our creative impulses by the time we’re 25.  This year is as good as ever to return to something you enjoyed in your youth.  You don’t have a creative bone in you, you say?  Creativity comes in many forms, my friend!  Just zone back to a time when you were a kid full of imagination.  You’re bound to find something you once enjoyed (and you’d be surprised what creativity you used back then to enjoy it.).
  6. Physical–  Being healthy isn’t just about gym memberships and protein shakes.  Consider healthier adjustments in small increments.  Step away from your computer every couple of hours, stretch while you’re at your desk, park farther away from a building, increase your water intake, cut out refined sugar and carbs, or bring your lunch to work just to name a few.  Pinterest is your friend when it comes to ingenious ideas for healthier living.  Believe me.
  7. Emotional–  The simplest goal is to take the time to truly love yourself and care about your emotional well-being. Period.
  8. Attitude–  I get it: life is rough, and there seems to be so much negativity no matter how hard you try.  Introspection is advantageous when it seems like life is in the pits.  Oftentimes, we forget that we reap what we sow, whether it’s by word or deed, and we’re all too quick to project our own issues as faults of others.
  9. Professional/Entrepreneurial– Shoot for a raise or a promotion.  Develop a business plan, or create a small side hustle with the goal of earning extra cash if you wish to be your own boss one day.
  10. Lifestyle–  Take the time to M-I-N-I-M-I-Z-E.  Declutter your life and become organized in baby steps.  The Less is More approach to life has lasting effects on your livelihood.  Add a little variety to your routine.  We’re creatures of habit, so deviate from your personal script every once in a while.

To further simplify your goals, separate what you jot down into two categories: goals which can be achieved in six months or less and goals that can be achieved in more than six months.  Sometimes, it’s necessary to list objectives (specifics) with your goals so you can realistically determine the duration it would take to achieve them.  That’s totally OK.  Unlike planning, every logistic does not have to be detailed, and going with the flow– as anything can happen– leaves less room for panic if you aren’t stuck to a rigid schedule (in my humble opinion).

Is there something you’ve never done before that you want to do, a place you’ve never been, people with whom you need to reconnect?  Let me know what general goals you have in mind for the year.


All the Best,


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