What is a Cool Nerd?

What is a Cool Nerd?

Believe me.  I’ve got a lot to write about, and I can’t wait to do so.  First things first, however…

So, why did I begin this blog?  Well, there are a number of reasons, but the main one is that I’ve needed an outlet as well as an extension of who I am.  I’m a friendly, smiling, oftentimes bubbly and chipper person, but I’m also an introvert with a lot on my mind.  I keep [a lot] to myself, and I think people misunderstand me because of that.  Plus, I don’t think others truly understand what a cool nerd encompasses.  Might as well share some insight now, right?

Do me a favor and check out the varying definitions of a cool nerd at UrbanDictionary.com, please.  Which one do you think I would probably identify with (Visit my About Me page if you haven’t already.)?  You might laugh at some of the entries; and, if you’re like me, you might roll your eyes.  You might even cringe if you’re a Grammar Nazi.  The majority of them couldn’t have possibly been written by a nerd in the slightest because… Just look at the grammar, usage, and mechanics.  Most of us “nerds” are too conscientious about that type of stuff just to put it out on the “innawebs” all willy-nilly without some use of spellcheck and grammar check.

As expected, there’s this giant misconception that nerds, in general, play video games (Nope!), are often unattractive (rolling eyes), love comic books/anime/manga (I liked “Sailor Moon” in 6th grade, and that was the watered down American version, so that doesn’t even count.), and are so much into their books that they lack social grace or sense.  Please!  It’s d*** near 2017.  We “nerds” have evolved, and the older we get, the more in demand we are–whether it’s for our knowledge, multiple talents and gifts, or what have you.  The definition of “cool” is pretty universal: chill, adaptable, easygoing, likable, etc., so it can remain as-is for the time being.

Since most of those definitions on Urban Dictionary are outdated by roughly seven or eight years, here’s an updated generalization of a cool nerd.  In essence, a cool nerd is an individual who may exhibit some or all of the following characteristics:

  • Intelligent conversation over a spectrum of random topics;
  • Funny, witty, sometimes corny with possibly an air of sarcasm to their humor;
  • Knows random facts for no apparent reason;
  • Keen social adaptability, i.e., “social butterfly”;
  • Strong sense of identity and self-worth;
  • Jack/Jill of all trades; master of many;
  • Cultured and well versed;
  • Well spoken (Doesn’t mean he/she necessarily speaks proper English);
  • A great balance of street smarts and book smarts;
    • This does not mean they necessarily possess a college degree.  There are plenty of non-degreed intellects and entirely too many dummies walking around with college degrees.
  • Willing to try something new;
  • Creative, thinks outside of the box;
  • An analytical nature; may often appear to be in deep thought or “problem-solving mode”

Those hilarious memes and IG videos you see floating around the ‘Net?  Chances are a cool nerd is behind them.  Some of your favorite apps like Snapchat, Periscope or Musical.ly?  A cool nerd too (although app creators are debatable.).   Some of your favorite entertainers?  Mm hmm. Key & Peele? Yep, them too.  Some of your classmates who hardly show up to class, smoke for at least three periods out of the day, but can still ace a test and pass for the semester (much to your overachieving chagrin– #truestory)?  The Dumb Jock, the Diva, Mr. Can’t-Get-Right, Miss Attitude, Mouth Almighty, or Ain’t-Got-No-Home-Training?  Don’t count them out either.  We’re everywhere.

The above list isn’t all-inclusive.  I just wanted to give you a basic idea just in case you may have come into the presence of one but never recognized him or her before.  Now, I wouldn’t suggest you walk up on someone you’ve been observing from afar just to tell them they’re a cool nerd.  I can’t guarantee you positive reactions if you do.  Everyone may not embrace the terminology.  You’ve gotta test the waters a little.  Tread lightly.  Also, question whether you’re one yourself first.

The more I post and share my thoughts and experiences, I think you’ll gather an idea of the various characteristics I possess that may, at times, seem totally cool; other times, completely nerdy.  You might even picture yourself in some of the experiences I share, and that’s really the beauty of it all.  Each of us possesses some cool nerd tendencies. 😉

Tell me what you think!  How would you define a cool nerd?  Think you might be one too?  Does “cool nerd” hold a positive or negative connotation in your mind if someone were to call you one?  Respond in the comments below! I always do my best to respond.

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Karenja "Kay" Saunders is a self-proclaimed cool nerd. She shares her experiences and thoughts about life at www.coolnerdchronicles.com in hopes that you'll relate, perhaps chuckle to yourself, challenge yourself or even think critically from time to time. She blogs with the mindset that we're all here learning to live while living to learn. Feel free to reach out to her at coolnerd_kay@coolnerdchronicles.com!

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